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JULY 2016 - New clinic now open.  I'm there most Saturdays but on holiday Saturday 13th August

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MAY 2016 -  We're now up and running in our Farnborough clinic.  We're based in Queens Physiotherapy in Lynchford Road, Farnborough

SEPT 2016 - 2nd, 3rd & 4th September along with Kay from Kaynetic Therapy we provided 3 days of Sports & Deep Tissue massage at the National Water Sports Festival on Hayling Island.  Something a little different and the weather conditions certainly favoured watersports more than sports massage at times!!

AUG 2016 - Sunday 28th we are providing pre and post race massage at the Surrey Cycle Racing League in Seale for both races, we'll be there from 08.30

JUNE 2017 - Saturday 24th June In Cranleigh until midnight providing massage to the participants at the halfway point of the British Heart Foundation London 2 Brighton Trek. Its a 100k Trek that entails walking through the day and night.  After leaving here they have another 50k to go.  Most should be through by 22.00

FEB 2017 - Finally got around to doing my 'Hot Stones' course this month.  I can incorporate this as part of Sports Massage or Deep Tissue massage when the need arises or offer it as a stand alone hot stone treatment. Hot Stone therapy is a great way to get heat into tired weary muscles and promote blood flow whic provides much needed oxygen to muscles

Farnborough Sports Massage provide Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. We can help with muscle pain, some sports injuries such as a hamstring injury or tennis elbow treatment, we can also help with myofacial release and lymph drainage therapy. Call now for your Sports Massage appointment. We can now also provide Hot Stone Therapy, a great way to both relax and get heat into battered muscles Hot Stone Treatment can either be satnd alone or incorporated into a Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage.

APRIL 2017 - Back again this year looking after the Great Ormond Street Hospital fundraising runners.  A wide spectrum of abilities and a wide spectrum of reasons.  Quite a rewarding charity to help.

JULY 2017 - Saturday clinics have now moved from Seale to Farnborough where I'm working from a much larger room.  I'll miss the sausage rolls in the tea room though!!

JUNE 2016- From July 16th We'll be operating from a second clinic in Seale, nr Farnham on a Saturday.  Its right next door to WyndyMilla cycles.

We've moved !!!

AUG 2017 - Finally, my first ever marathon done, followed by my first ever Ultra Marathon the next day.  Not my most sensible decision but it ended much better than my first Half Marathon #NoCastNoCrutches

Nov 2017 - Finally!! As of Wednesday November 1st I'm now in my very own treatment room. Its a little under 2 miles from where I was in Farnborough in a converted Church just up from Princess Hall.  4 hours free covered parking is available just a minute and a half walk away.  I'll still be doing some work with the guys in Queens Physio but this will now be my main clinic