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Farnham Sports Massage

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Farnham Sports Massage is the Farnham arm of Farnborough Sports Massage.  We are normally offering Sports Massage and also providing sports massage in Aldershot plus Deep Tissue massage in Farnham on Saturdays and the rest of the week at Farnborough Sports Massage in Lynchford rd, North Camp. Ocassionally we are at Sporting events over the weekend providing Sports Massage cover so days may vary from time to time.Farnham Sports Massage can help with sports injuries such as a hamstring injury or tennis elbow, we can also help with myofacial release and lymphatic drinage therapy.  Sports Massage is extremly beneficial to anyone with an active lifestyle through to those who spend all day slaving over a desk.  Sports Massage helps improve muscle efficiency by stretching and lengthing muscles and restoring their natural length.  Sports Massage is also particulary good at removing metabolic waste from muscles and increasing blood flow which in turn provides muscles with much needed fresh oxygen.  This helps remove the the lethargic feeling often experienced after strenuous activity. In addition to treating sports related issues we have a number of regular clients who don't currently undertake regular exercise but have come to realise the numerous benefits of sports massage.  Regular 'maintenance' massage has proved hugely beneficial to those that include it as part of their plan, typically this tends to be every 2, 3 or 4 weeks and depends on the individual and what their level of activity is, their injury history and also what they are trying to achieve, for some this can be competition and for others pain free day to day activity.  Regular sports massage can also help identify tight and potentially problematic muscles and here at Farnham Sports Massage we can help review your stretching and after care regime and tailor stretching to suit your current needs.  For more information on how Farnham Sports Massage can help you have a look at our services page and why not have a look at some of our client feedback, still not sure if its right for you ? Give us a call or drop us a line at